Sunday, September 21, 2008


The letter X is my favorite letter because as far as letters and general workload go, this little fucker does a lot.

X represents all the previous dick I've dated. And that's not a value judgment, either.

X represents everything glo-sticks, binky suckers, butterfly wings, and wide motherfucking jeans from from the rave days (oh, and just jared pees his pants now because I slip on a peg-legged or baggy cuffed little bitch, please.)(just fuck off, just btw)

X represents anything christ or cross-ish. For example, X-tians, and what's a good cross example? I don't know. I don't have to.

X-treme - I guess that means extra, extra, extra ... what? Testosterone? XXXXtra Mounatin Dew? Ooh, X-Games!!! Note to self: tap one of those rad fucks the minute contract is up. LOL!

XXX - Okay, I said it. X has never looked better than with her triplet sisters. N'ough said?

Okay, gotta go - wish me a break-a-leg perf tonight. Ooof, steady.