Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sit down Perez, D-Listed, Just Jared (really, just?), Jezebels (all of you) Socialite's Life, Jossip, Pink is My New Asshole and an untold array of others...

It's official, I now work on Broadway, that's in NY, All My Sons, ok? Given this earth-shattering news, the following are likely:

I may wear pegged-leg or rolled and wrapped jeans with loafers or any number of flats from my HUGE shoe closet (my shoes *are* like my children).

I will carry my child, (oh yes, I can carry her) to the park, the piers, wherever I choose and she will, get ready, play. It's true.

Children get tired, grumpy, even pissy. I'm sure you're all familiar with moods like this, so-- no need to elaborate.

I will cut my hair as many times and in as many different styles as there are ice-cream flavors. My scalp, my 31 flavors, kapisch?

I will carry my exclusive Chole bag (not avail to you, yet) and wear my Oliver Peoples sunglasses whenever and wherever I choose, even rehearsal-- gasp!

Now, if this continues to warrant your falling down and pissing yourselves on a daily basis then I say, "Knock yourself out." Just know that this my life, not yours.